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About My Practice


Injured, overwhelmed, concerned, or wisely planning for the future.

Let me review your circumstance and develop a tailor made solution to your individual need or goal.  Whether you have an immediate concern, or desire to plan ahead in order to best deal with life events don't let the legal system intimidate you. I'm here to assist you.

Have you been injured? A result of a hazardous property condition, domestic animal attack, auto accident, struck as a pedestrian or bike rider by an auto. You are entitled to compensation for your injury, medical costs, and other related costs, even if you are partly at fault. I will advocate for compensation from the responsible party.

Estate Planning is for the benefit of the living. Estate planning is not only for older people with significant assets, everyone may benefit from an effective plan. You may now or in the future be responsible for the care of another, or require to be cared for as a result of injury or sudden illness.  Everyone should be prepared with proactive planning, rather than reacting with "damage control". A plan in place prior to the circumstance or need is key. Don't fall victim to a case of the "would have, could have, should have" it can be costly and is avoidable. I am dedicated to helping clients prepare for their own care and assistance prior to their need, as well as, protect their future while protecting their legacy for their intended beneficiaries.

Let me review your circumstance, and develop a solution for your individual need. 


Personal Attention

As a sole practitioner my personal attention to your individual need is certain from initial consultation to resolution.


Actions or Plans

When you experience a significant life event such as an injury, a serious health concern for either yourself or a family member everything can change. Emotions are difficult enough let alone navigating options of what to do. Allow me the opportunity to protect you and your family from the devastating legal effects of injury, disability, or death with legal action or effective advance planning.